Welcome, dear traveler, to VOYAGE AVEC UN STEWARD, the blog and its community, dedicated to travels, their preparation, organization, and to all advices which could improve your experience…

At the time I am writing these lines, I am carrying this project alone. But I count on you to help me to develop this place, to make it become a usable tool for those who, like you and me, are passionated for exploration and whose trolley (or backpack) regularly (or constantly) itches.

Who is behind this project?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Slim Shady Bruno. As I shortly explain it on ABOUT, I got this blog/website/community/thing (I let you call it as you prefer) idea a few years ago, while I was working as a flight attendant (steward in French, which explains the name), and I was traveling a lot, for work obviously, but even more for leisure as often as I could.

My last flight attendant selfie

Olbia – June 2019

I have always been strongly attracted by exploration. But when you speak about travels, you speak about budget too, and wishing is not always enough to be able to go on an adventure (I will probably write a post about solutions to travel for a low cost).

My student years and first ones at work did not allow me to travel as much as I wanted to, even if I started exploring at these time a bit of Europe.

It is really when I became flight attendant in 2011, that my career as a traveler took a much different dimension. A more comfy budget, free time and a few privileged conditions to travel : all was set to be able to answer the call for discoveries. Over the years I have broadened my horizons, perfected my preparation and research techniques, and hopefully learned from my mistakes.

What I offer you

In a first time, I will share here my travel tips, regarding preparation, research for transports and accommodations, specificities regarding destinations (vaccination, visas, good to know,…), places to see,…

I will as well share good places I discovered during my travels. Throughout the pages, you will find maps at your disposal, making it easier to search by location.

Maps displaying localized posts to easily find what you are looking for…

These maps will get more content as I publish more posts. Moreover I would like to involve you too… Would you like to help me, by sharing as well your good places? This website will only become more alive, more complete and more efficient.

How? You can simply send me a message telling me more about the place and your experience there, either by email or by using the CONTACT page. I will take care of publishing it. You feel like an editor? You can as well send me a prepared post with pleasure.

A website for and by travelers

I am looking forward to discovering what we will make this place look like, to seeing the community expand and evolve. I am as well impatient to know who will be the first sharing with us, and where will it be. Let’s see in one year for a first evaluation?

Let me know in comment what you think about the project… Are you as impatient as me?

Bienvenue sur Voyage avec un Steward !

Bienvenue sur Voyage avec un Steward !

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