If you don’t mind, let’s go this time a little further than the first articles… After having eaten in Alsace, visited Croatia, I suggest you fly to… Bali!

As I explain in the very first article of this blog and on the About page, I would like to create a community of travelers, who provide their good addresses for the benefit of as many people as possible. The address I share with you today is a nugget! I had the chance to stay there for a few nights in May 2017 and I have fond memories of it. Ready?

The Menjangan, what’s that?

The Menjangan is an upscale hotel in Bali, nestled in the heart of an unspoiled natural space and away from the most touristic areas of the island. The concept is to have integrated the different buildings into the surrounding nature, limiting the impact on this protected space as much as possible.

Here, no tar or concrete everywhere. Wood is the main building element, and blends in perfectly with the landscape, forest on the one hand, and mangrove on the other. The site consists of several buildings, scattered over a large area. No unwanted traffic here. To get from one place to another, you can either use the hotel shuttle (free) or walk around.

I highly recommend this option because being in the heart of nature, you will have the opportunity to observe local fauna, such as birds, but especially the monkeys that roam free here.

Speaking of wildlife … Unless you speak Balinese fluently, the name (The Menjangan) won’t mean anything to you. This is the local name for a deer that inhabits this area. The closer you get to the coast, the more likely you will come across these animals, alone or in a herd. And when the sun goes down the show is just magical

Where is the hotel located?

The hotel is located in the northwest of Bali, in an area still little explored by tourists. Nature has therefore been preserved there, and the site is breathtaking. You will be able to see from the beach the island of Menjangan (site well known to divers), but also the island of Java (one of the large islands being part of Indonesia).

The Menjangan is in one of the most remote locations in Bali. So take into consideration that it will take a few hours of driving to get there. Good news, the hotel offers a shuttle service (for a fee), which can pick you up or drop you off anywhere on the island. This solution comes in handy when you plan to change accommodation several times during your stay. It was my case in 2017. The shuttle picked me up in Ubud (where I spent the first part of my stay) and dropped me off at Nusa Dua (for my last nights in Bali). The trips can also be an opportunity to make a few visits on the way. Special mention to the driver Komang for his kindness, his attentions, and his talents as a guide (the transfer was more like a road trip).

The Menjangan

The hotel (accommodation, catering and services offered)

The Menjangan offers different types of accommodation, ranging from the small lodge (50m2 anyway), to the 1000m2 residence with butler. In other words, there is a large choice, both in terms of size and price. I stayed in a lodge and the comfort was already excellent. I had access to a swimming pool (shared by several lodges) right outside, and the lobby and beach were both about a 5-10 minute walk away. And what a joy in the morning to walk those 5 minutes in the forest to go have breakfast.

Speaking of catering, the place being rather isolated, you will surely have all your meals there (unless you are on an excursion). The lobby is the first place for a drink, breakfast or a meal. I fell in love with the breakfasts on the terrace which overlooks the forest. What a pleasure every morning! Further down, on the beach, another restaurant welcomes you, especially in the evening for a show combining sunset, good food, and a parade of menjangan grazing seaweed.

On the service side, the hotel offers a spa in the mangrove swamp. I tested, the decor is magical. You also have the possibility to book diving trips, horseback riding, cooking lessons, exploration of Bali, … To get an idea of the place, accommodation and services, I invite you to visit the Menjangan website .

My opinion

You understood, I fell in love with this place. Some points to consider:

      • To do as a couple (in my opinion): the place is perhaps a little too isolated and quiet for children (any parents to contradict me?)
      • The budget: this is not a first price address (nevertheless with the health crisis I believe that is possible to find good deals)
      • Time: being in an isolated corner of the island, you must have some time during your stay to be able to get there and enjoy

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that I have managed to convey to you a little of what I felt there. Share in comment if you know other places like this …

If like me you are still looking for good deals to travel cheaper, send me a message, I have something that might interest you!

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