I was once again late in posting … but this time the procrastination is not to blame. I had to rush back to my family in Alsace. Even if the circumstances were not the happiest, this stay allowed me to discover a good restaurant in Cernay, a small town in the south of Alsace (Haut-Rhin). One of my first articles already spoke of a very good address in my region …Today, direction Teapot & Cutlery, bistronomic restaurant but also tea room.

The concept

"Ici le Bonheur est fait Maison"

These words are written on the restaurant’s business card, and I find the formula well chosen.

After the current formalities (health pass, QR code, …), the welcome is warm and the hostess knows how to guide you while explaining the menu to you.

The menu is made up of fresh and seasonal products, while offering reasonable prices (daily menu for lunch around € 15 and in the evening around € 35).

The quality is there and the quantities are appropriate.

The meals

The menu consists of a few specialties (note that some are only available in the evening), and 2 menus:

    • The market menu (only for lunch)
    • The bistronomic menu

The first is renewed every week, as for the second, it highlights a different ingredient each month, in each of its proposals (Starter and Main). I leave you below some photos taken by me (I went there twice, one midday and one evening).

A little bit of softness…

If you remember, I said that the restaurant was also a tea room. And you realize it when it comes time for dessert …

The specialty of the place is the éclairs. I who do not like choux pastry, I was about to decline as often and go straight to the coffee. But it was not knowing well the place.

They do eclairs, of course, but not only in their traditional form. You can see on the image, that I let myself be tempted by a chocolate raspberry lightning bolt (a crazy thing).

And finally, icing on the cake, depending on the sweetness you choose, you will be offered a tea that matches your plate. A real pleasure moment to conclude your meal.

Teapot & Cutlery

Place Grün

To get there

Cernay is a town in Haut-Rhin, located 15-20 minutes by car from Mulhouse, near the first Vosges slopes and near the southern gate of the “Route des Vins d’Alsace” (Thann). The city is also served by train (and tram-train), both also from Mulhouse.

If you come by car, you should be able to park around the church (blue zone) which is next to the restaurant. If you can’t find it, you can go a little further towards Place Grün (second landmark).

To contact the restaurant:

Teapot & Cutlery: +33 3 89 39 34 01

Their Facebook page

For further

If you are staying in Alsace for a few days, I have selected activities that might interest you. The pass’Alsace gives you access to many tourist attractions for a very reasonable price. I also noted 2 FREE (!) Tours to visit Strasbourg and Colmar (I did not test them).

I hope this article will have made your mouth water and that you will test for yourself if you pass by Cernay (take the opportunity to go see the storks, many in town).

Leave me a comment if you plan to go or if you know other addresses of this kind, and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, not to miss anything and receive your free bonus!

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