Today, we travel to an officially European island, albeit located off the coast of Africa. You read it in the title, I’m talking about Tenerife, which is one of the islands that make up the Canaries, Spanish territories in the Atlantic. If you prefer more distant destinations, you can (re)read the article on the intimate address “The Menjangan” in Bali.

I invite you to discover the testimony of Nelly, who shares with us her recent experience at sea, where she was able to realize her dream of swimming with turtles.

Since my childhood, and my years watching Commander Cousteau, I have been a fan of marine life!

As a result, my darling cannot avoid my traditional outing on this seaside every vacation, in the hope of seeing dolphins, whales, etc.

Our holidays in Tenerife are no exception to this tradition! No sooner had I booked plane tickets than I was already on Tripadvisor looking for activities!

One of them catches my attention: canoeing on the ocean, with the possibility of meeting dolphins, and swimming with turtles! In addition, the guide is French speaking, which is a real advantage for us!

Here we are at XploreTénérife in Los Cristianos!

The welcome is smiling and warm, as I love them! Our guide makes the effort to speak French, English and Spanish! You got it, we are several couples, of several nationalities, which gives a small charming atmosphere!

After a briefing, off we go. This is my first day on the island, I am over the moon. The water is quite good, we leave the beach along the coast, to go to a strategic point! Indeed there is a fish farm, and dolphins like to come and eat! But also sharks…. Well, to hear this fact, we are immediately less smiling!

Our guide was right, we saw two dolphins that were 10m away from us! We take the time to look at them, in passing we meet sea turtles. She gives us time for observation. Then we stop at a place where there are divers, it seems it is time to jump into the water!

After mooring the canoes, we jump into the water. The mask and snorkel, provided in addition to the wetsuit, allow us to enjoy this swim! Very quickly we see two sea turtles… It is forbidden to touch them, but the moment is incredible! It was a dream of mine, now it’s come true!

They are not shy, and sometimes even come very close to us! Watching them evolve in their natural environment, I feel privileged! I found my child’s soul, with stars in my eyes! It was only after about twenty minutes that I got back on our boat!

Our guide takes us one last time, to the dolphins, we have fun again, even if that day they are not in a playing mood! We all go home at our speed. The outing will have lasted 3 hours, the smiling and reassuring guide is clearly an asset! The place is beautiful and the opportunity is magical!

Very clearly, one of my best memories!

I would like to warmly thank Nelly for her sharing, and for having been the first courageous one to launch out to contribute to the development of this website. I hope that many of you will play the game and share their travel experiences …

Leave your questions in the comments and feel free to leave a note for Nelly, who will read you with as much pleasure as I do.

Bienvenue sur Voyage avec un Steward !

Bienvenue sur Voyage avec un Steward !

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