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Snow or beach, the Top Destinations

January doesn’t seem like the best month for travel, at least in Europe, and yet … It is the winter sports season and the choice is plethoric on the Old Continent. For beach and / or sun lovers, it is also possible to find some, provided you travel a bit. Let’s go?

Destination Snow

This is surely the first idea that came to your mind when you thought of leaving in January, right? The cold, the snow and the winter sports.

Europe and North America offer many spots for practicing winter sliding sports:

  • Europe
      • France : Alpes en tête, mais aussi Pyrénées, Massif Central, Vosges, Jura
      • Suisse : les Alpes sont très présentes sur le territoire helvète (attention tout de même aux tarifs en CHF)
      • Austria: skiing in Tyrol often allows you to combine top-of-the-range accommodation and dream ski areas (without forgetting the après-ski with the sounds of Anton, among others)
      • But also: Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, …
    • North America
      • Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, …
      • United States: Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Montana, California, Alaska, …

It will also be possible to practice in Japan. And a little bonus if you choose a destination near or north of the Arctic Circle, you might be lucky enough to be able to observe the Northern Lights.

A quick glimpse of the kind of activities you could do in Finland in January … You can find other destinations directly on their site:

Destination Sun

Snow is good, but what if you want warmth to change? Good news, the fact of living on an inclined sphere which revolves around its star (no the Earth is not flat and no the Sun does not revolve around it, but that’s another debate), implies that when it is winter somewhere, it’s summer elsewhere

So you can find a lot of sunny destinations, you just have to fly a few hours:

Central and South America

In general, the period is favorable on the continent, in particular:

    • Costa Rica
    • Cuba
    • Porto Rico
    • But also according to the zones: Belize, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala, …

The many Caribbean islands are waiting for you:

    • West Indies
    • Dominican Republic

January may be favorable, with the exception of the Indian Ocean:

    • Thailand
    • Malaysia
    • But also: India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, …
    • Australia (avoid the North)
    • New Zealand
    • Tasmania

Some African countries also allow you to take advantage of the period, particularly Senegal, and it is also a great time to visit the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) and Oman.

Favorable destinations in January in the blog

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